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What types of cookies are used on this site?

The cookies that are used on this site, are there to give a better insight if the visitor can find the site more useful and can find what he/she is looking for. In short, it’s to improve the experience and information findability.

The following are used:

  • Google Analytics (Anonymous)
  • Youtube
But what is a cookie?

A cookie is a text file that is placed on your computer at the moment you visit a website for the first time. The usefulness of a cookie is to distinguish the visitors from each other. As previously reported, CurvePoint Studios uses the cookies for technical functionalities regarding the website. These follow (in our case) the user to which page he visits on OUR website. This happens completely anonymously, since I also value my privacy.

For more information about cookies, I advise you to visit this websit:

But I do not want cookies at all!

That is also possible. You can set your browser so that it no longer places cookies on the hard disk.
You can also delete all cookies that already exist (clean up).
Here too I would like to refer you to this website: